Why you need Business Payments

Business Payments allows to automatically import your Online Transactions from PayPal, Stripe and Square platforms into your QuickBooks Online company on air and to prepare them for reconciliation with no manual actions needed!

Automate bookkeeping by synchronizing your Sales Receipts, Expenses, Payments, Fees, Payouts and other transactions from online payment platforms with QuickBooks Online!

  • NO manual entering!

    Seamlessly sync your ongoing or historic online transaction with QuickBooks. Configure your account in several easy steps and get your online payments processed. Automatically.

  • 100% Secured!

    Fee processing, Tax preferences, Multi-Currency settings, Avoid Duplicates feature along with the special Roll Back function secure your actions and allows to undo ANY synced transactions with ZERO harm to your books!

  • Total Control!

    Automatically apply payments to invoices, Import Historic transaction with no time range limits and receive detailed updates upon recent syncs. All this means that none of your online transactions will be missed and your books will never be messed!

We are working hard to make things easier

Try new experience with Business Payments


Business Payments has intuitive interface, provides s a simple How-to guides that will help you to start syncing transaction with QuickBooks and offers a wide range of settings.


Connect your Stripe, PayPal and Square with QuickBooks within 2 seconds!


Contact our Experts any time via in-app chat, email or phone and get prompt answers to all your questions.

Business Payments Key Features

  • Sync of ongoing PayPal and/or Stripe transactions with QuickBooks;
  • Import of Old transactions into BP for the following sync with QuickBooks;
  • Flexible configuration of your custom settings;
  • Unlimited number of Companies and Payment Systems;
  • Roll Back function secures your actions and allows to undo any sync with 100% NO harm to your data;
  • Invoice function to automatically apply Online Payments to Invoices in QuickBooks;
  • Tax management function to set custom preferences to your taxes;
  • Duplicates tracker function to avoid any doubled entries;
  • Multi-Currency function to manage all of your currencies in operation;
  • Auto-Sync function to automatically sync transactions in the background;
  • Auto-Create function to automatically create Clients/Vendors/Products from the entire transaction;
  • Reports with sync details and logs;
  • Premium Support with different means of communication (in-app chat, email,phone)


Choose the best plan depending on your needs. Log in to the app to use your 10 free syncsand never return to manual online payment management again.


$191.88 billed annually

  • Up to 500 syncs monthly
  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited payment platforms


$383.88 billed annually

  • Up to 1000 syncs monthly
  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited payment platforms


$959.88 billed annually

  • Up to 2500 syncs monthly
  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited payment platforms


$1919.88 billed annually

  • Up to 5000 syncs monthly
  • Unlimited companies
  • Unlimited payment platforms


  • Excellent product

    The product is working very well with my PayPal transactions and Stripe Transactions importing into Quickbooks online in real time. Customer support is excellent, always quick to respond with any issues. A worthwhile business investment to cut out the bookkeeping stress.

    MatthewF Business owner

  • Seamless!

    Automation. Automation is the name of the game. And with this integration into QuickBooks, what used to be cross-referencing between online banking on the left side of the monitor, with spreadsheets on the right side, with 10 open tabs for Amazon purchases, eBay purchases etc, etc, etc... ...All of this is done in a few clicks. Literally a few clicks.
    I'm a one-man-band (not literally), so saving time and stress with this type of payments system makes my life a heck of a lot easier.

    Richard H. Business owner

  • Awesome Sync App for Stripe

    This app has been amazing! I use it predominately for importing Stripe transactions into QuickBooks Online, and it has saved me hours each month! I am so glad I found this App, highly recommend to anyone using Stripe!

    Tiana Business owner